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Understanding Your Bill

Reference the invoice example below, and follow along with the explanations for each item on the bill.

How To Read Your Bill

Account Invoice

1 – Service Dates

“Service from” date and “Service to” date are dates of the current quarter. If we were notified of a transfer of ownership and you have not been at the service address for the full time of the service, your bill will be pro-rated for the number of days you have been there. This will not be reflected in these dates however. Please call our office with any concerns about your prorated charges.

2 – Service Address

This is the address receiving the service, not necessarily your mailing address. Please call our office if this information is not correct.

3 – Account Number

Please use this number when calling our office or mailing in a check without a bill stub.

4 – Read Date

This is the day your meter was read. Meters are read during the previous month from when you receive your bill.

5 – Read Method

Methods of reading your meter:

“Flatread”: The charge is the same each quarter and is not based on a meter reading (sewer only).

“Handheld or Manual”:  Indicates that our meter reader physically obtained a reading from your meter.

“Estimate”: Your bill may have been estimated for various reasons if we were unable to get a read.

6 – Previous Reading

This is the reading we obtained from your meter in the last quarter.

7 – Current Reading

This is the reading we obtained from the read date (4) from your meter for the current service.

8 – Meter Multi

This is your meter’s multiplier. These multipliers may vary from meter to meter.

9 – Usage

This is the calculation of how much water you used. The previous read (6) is subtracted from the current read (7), and then multiplied by your meter’s multiplier (8).

10 – Charge Items

“Charge items” are items charged to a customer. “Sewer” consists of a base fee plus a usage fee.  These fees cover the cost of administration, treatment of sewage, operation and maintenance of the sewer collection system and repair of the sewer system. “Water” consists of a base fee plus a water usage fee. These fees cover the cost of administration, purchase of water, operation and maintenance of the water distribution system and repair of the water system.

Note: The Authority serves many water and sewer districts, and each district may have different rates.

The following table lists “capital and debt charge” items. Capital and debt charges are collections made for the purpose of paying debt related to prior capital improvements to the water/sewer systems and/or funding future capital improvements.  The following is a list of capital and debt charges that may appear on a customer’s bill:

TLIV-SH-D SEWER Out of district users in Hemlock Town of Livonia
LC-S10-D WATER/SEWER Mt. Morris and Groveland Livingston County
LC-WR3-D WATER Out of district users in Scottsburg Livingston County
LCS8-D SEWER East Avon and on Rochester Rd. Livingston County
WS-WZ-D WATER County Wide Water Project LCWSA
WS-WR10-D WATER Groveland Station LCWSA
WS-SL-D SEWER Sewer collection system and Lakeville treatment plant LCWSA
WS-SLV-D SEWER Lakeville treatment plant LCWSA
WS-SD-D SEWER Groveland UV & Capital Project LCWSA

Note: There are some other miscellaneous seldom-used codes. Please call our office if you have any questions about any codes that may show up on your bill.

11 – Itemized List of Charges

The cost for all the items are reflected in this list. “Itemized list of charges” may include:

Penalty – if current charges are not paid, there is a 10% penalty that will show up for each charge item. Penalties are put on the account seven (7) days after the due date. Note: only current charges are penalized, not items that have already been penalized.

Previous – charges (if any) that have gone unpaid from previous billing(s).

Miscellaneous charges  – may include meter part charges, final read charge, no show for appointment fee, etc.

12 – Total Amount

The subtotal of all the charge items will show up here.

13 – Total Credits

If you have a previous credit (from an overpayment, etc.), it will show up here.

14 – Total Amount Due

This is your total amount due.

15 – Pay Late Amount

If payment arrives in our office after penalties have been added, this is the amount due.

16 – Direct Pay Invoice

If you set up the Direct Pay option, this will be noted in two places on your invoice (as per example).

Please return your payment (check or money order) along with the bottom portion of your Account Invoice.