Collection & Treatment

The Authority provides sewer services to approximately 3,530 sewer accounts.


Our customers are located within the Village of Livonia and portions of the Towns of Livonia, Conesus,

Avon, Groveland, Leicester, Mt. Morris, and Sparta.

The Authority is also responsible for the operation

and maintenance of the flood gates in Conesus Creek

at the outlet of Conesus Lake. This is accomplished

through an agreement between the Authority and

the Conesus Lake Compact (Towns of Conesus,

Geneseo, Groveland, and Livonia).

We have made mandated updates to the Lakeville

Wastewater Treatment Plant and will start work on

the Conesus Lake pump stations, manholes, and

piping this year. One goal is to decrease the amount

of Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) into the collection system.


Find out more about our I & I Reduction Program and LCWSA regulatory requirements by clicking the links below: