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Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) Reduction Program

Livingston County Water and Sewer Authority has initiated an Infiltration & Inflow (I&I) Program throughout our sewer service area.  

What is I&I?  Infiltration and Inflow is when clean storm and/or groundwater enters the sanitary sewer system through holes, breaks, joint failures, connection failures, or illegal connections (including sump pumps, down spouts/gutters, and footing drains).  I&I not only impacts LCWSA at the Wastewater Treatment plant, but also puts additional strain on the collection system and pump stations throughout the service area. Adding this additional water to the system impacts the costs associated with maintenance and treatment of the sanitary sewer system and the cost of providing sewer services.

LCWSA has been working to identify as many sources as possible of I&I within the system so these conditions can be corrected. Properly directing water to where it needs to go will have many benefits for everyone in the sewer district. Sending water back to the existing water bodies will help keep the Conesus Lake level higher during the recreational season. Sending stormwater into an underground storage area where it will eventually recharge the groundwater aquifers. Less clean water reaching the sanitary sewer treatment plant will reduce the unnecessary cost of treating clean water.

Private property I&I can contribute substantially to the problem. An 8-inch diameter sewer can adequately convey flow from roughly 200 homes. However, only 8 sump pumps operating at full capacity can overload the same 8-inch diameter sewer.

What are WE doing?

  • Cleaning and Televising: LCWSA cleans and televises all sanitary sewer mains on a rotating schedule so that every sewer main has a full inspection every 5-7 years. In 2023 we will be focusing our efforts on the Conesus Lake system, making our way around East Lake and West Lake Rds. In 2022 the Authority completed the Village of Livonia and Lakeville area.  Through this investigation we have identified the locations to target sewer main repair and replacement projects in the future.
  • Manhole Inspections & Repairs: LCWSA inspects manholes in the system every 5-7 years also. Between 2022 – 2023 we have inspected almost 1,000 manholes and have found that 181 manholes currently require some form of maintenance and/or repairs. Over the next few years our maintenance staff will be repairing and rebuilding manholes throughout the area.
  • Smoke Testing: LCWSA received a $100,000 Wastewater Infrastructure Engineering Planning Grant (EPG) through the NYSEFC and the NYSDEC to complete smoke testing investigations around Conesus Lake in 2023. Over the last two years, we received the same grant and completed smoke testing investigations in the Hamlet of Livonia Center, the Village of Livonia, and the Lakeville area. Through that project we identified several minor deficiencies and the majority of those were broken or missing cleanout caps on private property.
  • Flow Monitoring Data: We are evaluating different zones within the system to determine where more investigation may be needed and to determine where the problem areas might be.
  • Private Lateral Inspections: During 2022 we inspected over 350 homes and continuing into 2023, 1400 homes were inspected. Currently we have identified 65 sump pump connections that are contributing to our I&I problems. We are proactively working with those homeowners to disconnect all sump pump connections.

Solution Ideas for Roof Drains and Sump Pumps

Infiltration & Inflow (I&I) Public Meeting Presentation